Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Multi-Function Remote Sensor For Smart Phone

NODE is Small Larger than the C-cell battery pack, the basic module's sensors incorporate a 3-axix accelerometer, magnetometer plus gyroscope, along with output gadgets comprising a audio buzzer and also2 dimmable blue LED's. NODE has also module ports in the back, to support many some other compatible sensor. Such as the Oxa module, which serves as the sensors for multiple gasses; the actual Clima module, that measures barometric pressure,wind speed, temperatures, plus moisture ; and also, the 8-LED Luma module,That delivers flashlight-type illumination with user-specified powers or even blinking patterns.  

This also offers 2MB of memory, plus a micro USB port for executing software improvements, and charging the lithium-polymer battery pack. This battery pack has been said to offer 12 to 14hrs with functioning period,Along with constant Bluetooth data transmitting and also reception-any connected smart phone or even PC is available far away up to 50 meters.

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